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Video: Khaligraph Jones & Kristoff – ‘We Be Happening’

Make way for the trailblazers! That’s exactly what we all should do when it comes to Khaligraph Jones that has been grinding heavy and putting his native homeland Kenya on his back and has been on a nonstop journey that will undoubtedly lead Khali’ to the top. In this new video Khaligraph trades verses with Kristoff and as you will notice, the video is only a few days old and these guys have been getting a lot of support from fans. As we insisted when Khaligraph first debuted on HHABC a while back, you better pay attention to the Kenyan music scene. It has become one of the most soulfully-rich and fastest growing pool of talent.

Has Barack Obama Fulfilled Tom Mboya’s Vision?

By Willie Kamawe

With the election of America’s first president of African descent in 2008, an inevitable wave of great hope travelled through the U.S and furthermore globally for all those who seldom get the chance to witness barriers being shattered and not to mention on such a large scale. Tears of joy flowed down the hopeful faces of President Obama’s supporters, rich and poor alike with the general excitement that the possibility of a great future for minorities in the U.S finally became concrete. “Yes we can” and yes, they did elect their first African-American president, furthermore re-electing him this year.

Without a doubt, Barack Obama’s election and re-election are milestones in world history, but where did it all begin? What turn in history led to the election of America’s first black president? Why him? I am a stern believer in things happening for a reason, and that there is a consistent chain of events shaping our future experiences. Barack Obama’s presidency, I believe, should be looked at holistically in order for society to reap the full meaning behind him becoming the first African-American president of U.S.A. With that in mind, let me take you back to a place called Kilimambogo; the birth place of one of Africa’s greatest leaders. The year: April 15 1930; his name: Thomas Joseph Mboya; son to Leonardus Ndiege and Marcella Awour. Tom Mboya became one of Kenya’s most prominent political figures in its early years of political formation and was furthermore highly instrumental to the attainment of independence for Kenya in conjunction with other great names such as Mzee Jomo Kenyatta (Kenya’s first head of state). Mboya loyally ‘held down’ Jomo Kenyatta while the then president-to-be was imprisoned and was influential in forming KANU, the party that formed the government after independence was attained. Moreover, Mboya held the office of Minister of Economic Planning and Development up to his unfortunate assassination in 1969.


Tom Mboya’s legacy is one that can only be matched up by a select few and not because he was a prominent politician but due to what he did to shape the world as we know it today. He initiated sustainable change for Kenya prior to independence through his immense foresight of where he saw the country heading to and the changes it would experience along the way as an independent nation. In 1959, with the help of various American friends (including the African-American Students Foundation), Mboya managed to send 81 young Kenyans to the United States to receive a university education. Mboya’s vision was to raise an elite group who could manage the future independent Kenya.

Among these students was Barack Hussein Obama Sr., who enrolled for further studies in Economics in Hawaii where he met his future wife-to-be Ann Dunham. The two would thereafter be married and give birth to America’s future first black president – Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

Tom Mboya’s efforts to further the education of young African leaders did not stop with the first
group of 81. He thereafter extended these efforts to 256 more students (including those from neighboring countries) who in 1960 were airlifted to American universities. With the aid of Sen. John F. Kennedy who at the time ran the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation, Mboya attained enough funds to send these students for further studies where they were promised scholarships worth $1,600,000 collectively.


Among this group of students was yet another prominent African figure – Wangari Maathai – the continent’s first female Nobel Peace Prize winner who pioneered environmentalism worldwide.

I state all these facts only to shed light on a bigger picture; Tom Mboya paved the way for
immense global change that rippled throughout history and continues to do so today. Without his vision of educating numerous young people for the future good, we would not speak of the first black American president or first female African Nobel Peace Prize winner.

My deliberate focus on Tom Mboya is not to take anything away from the efforts of the
individuals who made the most of their opportunity to study in America at that time – something that
some of us would not be able to do considering the conditions they had to overcome. Nonetheless, it is Tom Mboya who acted as a spark of change for the greater good of the future. Whether he knew it or not, he majorly changed the course of history in a big way and deserves to be celebrated as an inspiration to the world. Personally, Thomas Joseph Mboya’s story inspires and helps me to understand that indeed the decisions we make today will have an everlasting impact tomorrow and thus we need to invest positivity and calculated thought in to everything we do because you never know what will come to fruition.


striving to influence change even in our personal environments, the possibilities are endless for the future.

Sources: http://www.tommboya.org


Feature: Emcee Kah -Evolution Not Revolution!

When you speak of Nairobi Hip-Hop you have to speak of the Mau Mau/Ukoo Flani family tree. They were first established in the early to mid 90’s and consisted of groups like the legendary Kalamashaka and various other MC’s. The Mau Mau/ Ukoo Flani movement has since become a force in the ghetto youth of Kenya through the expression of hip-hop as a culture and not just music.

Mau Mau/Ukoo Flani is a collective of MC’s from surrounding Ghettos of Nairobi’s Eastlands. They spoke vividly of living in the African ghetto, but still managing to persevere and emerge a winner.

Emcee Kah stems from the Mau Mau/Ukoo Flani tree and has also managed to establish himself as a solo act with a following overseas, particularly in Europe. You can hear the extent of his wisdom through clever word play and rhyme wizardry.

Emcee Kah speaks the language the REAL streets of Nairobi understand and with his new banger “hip-hop for life”, Emcee Kah still commands the streets attention.

According to Emcee Kah…

“Hiphop has become one of the modern edutainment tools for expression and also source of income for many.The song brings out the vital role that it plays to b”

Video: Marathon Metaphors Kenyan Hip-Hop Documentary Coming Soon!

Marathon Metaphors is a hip-hop documentary Produced, Written & Directed by Artist James Noggz Kamawe in various parts of Kenya.

During a visit to his native country Kenya, Noggz embarked on a tour of virtually every neighborhood, district, region, ghetto and area where hip-hop culture was kept alive simply by the dreams of many hungry prospective artists of all kinds.

Amidst tribal tensions and uncertainty surrounding the fate of Kenya as the general election approaches in March 2013, Hip-Hop has served as a vessel of artistic expression that unites the youth.

Marathon Metaphors takes you through Kenya’s underground hip-hop scene where a slew of artists vow to stay true to the culture while still getting their message across.

World News : The Most Dangerous Gang In Africa

Nairobi (KENYA) — Not too long ago amidst poverty, government corruption, and a slew of other societal perils, the people of Kenya gained notice of a crisis — on the brink of a plague.

Now if you’re thinking to yourself, ‘what could be so bad and cause such a large number of people harm?’.
You will soon learn… and it will probably be too much for some to bare.

We are talking about The Mungiki Gang… the most dangerous gang in Africa.
As tensions flare, the local government tries to put an end to, or at least suppress, the influence of the infamous Mungiki, but as you will see in the upcoming video, it is not an easy task. The Mungiki thrives off the citizens’ fears and the so-called ‘turning of the cheek’ from the government. But some officials say enough is enough. With a potential civil war brewing, it was said that almost 250,000 citizens were left dead or homeless almost immediately following post-elections. But members of Mungiki maintain their point of view and reasons for being so ruthless. They claim that the government is true criminal and that they (Mungiki) have turned to violence in retaliation and they want to serve as the voice of reason and stand up for the poverty-stricken citizens. Some say that the Mungiki have a righteous message, but far more people say that the Mungiki are to be feared and they are merely just a gang who are known for beheading their victims, brutal violence, and senseless murders. Some even go as far as accusing the government of using the Mungiki as needed for their own agenda and then turning their backs on them after certain ‘jobs’ or ‘tasks’ are finished. Watch as Ross Kemp goes inside and gets a first-hand account of the real truth behind the force of the Mungiki…the most dangerous gang in Africa.

One Step Ahead: Kenyans Make Presence Felt Throughout Olympics

HHABC salutes Team Kenya during Olympics 2012

Kenyan Pride Shines Through

London (UK) – The Olympics of 2012 brought a bundle of joy to various countries around the world. Every time the games come back around, each country is sure to send their most elite athletes to represent their respective flags and is expected to bring home a medal — hopefully the gold! But one thing is for sure, their is no country more prideful and supportive of their athletes than Kenya. This country is known for breeding some of the fastest runners in the world who usually have no problem dominating long-distance running competitions.

Heavily favored to do well in this year’s Olympics were Kenya’s David Rudisha, Linet and Moses Masai.

On The Contrary
Team Kenya took home 11 medals during the events but some say this was almost ‘shameful’ because they were expected to dominate even more.

Upon competing in the Beijing Olympics, which yielded Kenya a total of 14 medals, Team Kenya’s performance was held to a high standard. Supposedly, Kenya will launch an investigation in order to get better understanding as to why the team did not meet certain expectations. Some believe that it was a lack of thorough coaching.

Talent:  Superior and Beyond

Kenya’s triumph can be summed up with one name — David Rudisha. A top-notch by-product of Kenya, David Rudisha made his presence felt at home, in London, and most importantly worldwide. Rudisha celebrated humbly after setting a world record and winning the men’s 800m final. To make victory even sweeter, he did it as his idol and friend Seb Loe, who himself, held the world record (1981-1997) in the event. David Rudisha’s 1min 40.90sec victory will forever be one of the world’s most remarkable feats. Yes there should be some concern for Kenya’s shortcomings in the London Olympics but for the most part, the main focus, for now, should be the accomplishments of their athletes. Enjoy the moment, Kenya’s time is NOW!

“Today the weather was beautiful… I decided to go for it.”
                                          David Rudisha                                      

Next stop: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Run This Town…Camp Mulla Set To Takeover

As we all know, the music industry is always changing, and it’s pretty tough keeping up with the various fads and trends. So it may come as a surprise to some people that Camp Mulla have become to be who they are today.  Camp Mulla, a hip hop group based out of Nairobi, Kenya,  bring a bubbly type of vibe with their music.  To get a grasp on just how much the group’s hometown supports them, we could look at the fact that during Camp Mulla’s video shoot for ‘Hold It Down’, there were entire city blocks shut down in order for them to shoot their video. To music fans stateside, it may seem that the Camp Mulla came out of nowhere, but in all actuality, they’ve been putting in a lot of work for quite some time.

While on set of the ‘Hold It Down’ video, hip hop artist and fellow Nairobi native, Noggz, stopped by to show love and support of Camp Mulla and their movement. Noggz revealed that he has been following the group since the beginning and says that he knew they had something special and were destined to shine. He was even seen donning an exclusively issued Nairobi fitted cap which has also brought some attention in its own respect.

Click for more on Kenyan hip hop

Audio: Noggz – ‘Cards I Was Dealt’

While hip hop is seemingly being recognized in more places abroad, and more recently, Nairobi, Kenya. Noggz has been one of the front-runners of the pack when it comes to the Kenyan hip hop movement. We can’t forget how far rap has come and still how far it has to go. The new surge has now been revitalized and we give you another example of why fans should pay attention to what these guys are doing. Here’s another one taken from Noggz’ ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ mixtape. One of his most soulful joints released by him so far.