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Audio : Lloyd Banks, Kidd Kidd & Tony Yayo – “Set The Pick”

Just in case you thought G-Unit was done, please think again! With a new mixtape recently released, the lyrical collective show and prove just when it matters the most. The new project is dubbed ‘The Lost Flash Drive’  (hosted by DJ Whoo Kidd). They pull no punches on this one, and it’s completely obvious that the members of the crew are not just along for a free coat ride off 50 Cent. You will get a thorough mixtape here, and you will even find that you can actually listen to it without skipping around over tracks!

One of the highlights off the mixtape would definitely be ‘Set The Pick‘. About 10 seconds into the track you’ll see why! Check it out below…


G-Unit Reloaded : Take A Look Inside of the Clique’s Journey, Thus Far

Just when you thought 50 Cent was going to ride the wave out on his headphones and Vitamin Water checks, he shakes up the game once again. The G-Unit family is back together again, add another hungry soldier (Kidd Kidd) and now the rap game has a huge problem. We seen it all before with ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’, followed by the crew’s collaborative album and then Lloyd Banks’ solo effort, as well as, Young Buck’s solo debut. Just like ordinary people, things were said in the heat of the moment, lips were poked out, and at one time even, certain members of the clique stopped speaking, but all that stuff could be considered as growing pains and part of maturing. And now once again, after the differences have been settled and communication amongst the fellas began flow normally, everything is set for another 50 Cent and G-Unit takeover. We can sit back and say he (50 Cent) shouldn’t have let Young Buck back in or he should have just forgotten about Tony Yayo, but you have to remember that these guys played an instrumental part in each other’s lives and careers. This is literally a family, and tell me what family doesn’t have bickering and conflict every now and then… As we take a closer look at the following documentary, it is clear that the mutual respect amongst these gentleman is organic.



On The Rise: Kidd Kidd Leads The 2nd Generation of G-Unit

While 50 Cent continues to put his stamp on the game and stack major dollars, he still takes pride in keeping his crew on point. At the forefront of the 2nd generation of the G-Unit squad, Kidd Kidd stands confidently behind Fif as they plan to take music back to where it once was. This could be exactly what G-Unit has been missing for quite some time now, a spark from someone other than 50 Cent himself. From the very start Kidd Kidd, a native of New Orleans, has shown a certain realness about himself that obviously impressed Fif and maybe even reminded him of himself once upon a time.

50 on signing Kidd Kidd

There’s an apparent chemistry between Kidd and Fif as they ‘Get Busy’ on the mic and blaze this track which was also the intro track that appears on 50’s ‘The Lost Tape’ mixtape, hosted by DJ Drama.

Check out 50 and Kidd Kidd Get Busy…

Audio: Tony Yayo Feat. 50 Cent & Kidd Kidd – ‘Move’

There’s a lot of naysayers out there who suggest that a G-Unit reunion will never happen. But with a new album from 50 Cent on the way and other G-Unit artists such as Tony Yayo dropping new tracks, it seems that guest appearing on each other’s songs is still possible, so just maybe one day we could see a reunion of some capacity. Here’s the latest from Tony Yayo, ‘Move’, which features 50 Cent and Kidd Kidd.