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Bad Boy & Lil Kim Reunite And Reps Hard For NYC NBA All-Star Weekend!

When we look back at the history of Bad Boy Records, we now have to give Diddy his props once and for all. Even after all of the contract beefs, ‘shiny suits, etc., there’s no mistaking that Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs is on another level when speaking in terms of his vision. Let’s take a look at the recent performance during the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend event. We witnessed another classic moment as Diddy, Lil Kim and The Lox came together on stage for a memorable performance of ‘All About the Benjamins‘. This is definitely a good look for NYC! In all honesty, the beloved east coast city needed this, especially for the realm of hip hop.



Even the Queensbridge legend Nasty Nas put in work for this NYC moment!!!

Foxy Brown Contemplating Appearing In Playboy?

Notorious female rapper, Foxy Brown, recently revealed that she may be soon gracing the cover of famed adult-magazine, Playboy. Foxy reveals that the reason she is still an object of interest is because of her reluctance to be viewed as that type of lady. She does admit that she is contemplating the $2 million offer but is weary of her kids and their peers seeing the ‘Ill Na Na’ in the magazine showing the goodies. Is that issue going to be a must-have for fans (and critics). Most certainly.

Lil Kim & Keyshia Cole Exchange Words

In happier times

The Queen Bee is back with a new beef buzzing. This time she’s squaring off with R&B singer Keyshia Cole. The whole situation came about when Keyshia Cole had Nicki Minaj do a verse on ‘I Ain’t Thru’. Lil Kim felt that Nicki was taking shots at her and Keyshia was just as much of a culprit as Nicki. The drama did go away for a bit, until recently when Kim and Keyshia faced off via Twitter. Keyshia offered on Twitter, “N while we’re addressing everything, Lil Kim and I are not ‘friends’ I take that term very seriously…We made wonderful music. That is it.” As a response, Kim came back with, ‘”U got that right. We are not friends. The same way U take friendship seriously i take loyalty serious…The whole world has seen me extend my hand to u over and over again. Only someone who’s trying to build a sincere relationship does shows 4 free & supports. u did not pay me a dime 4 none of that. That warrants some type of loyalty and respect.” The two ladies would go on back and forth for some time but it eventually fizzled out. Everyone loves Kim, but she probably needs to keep it moving on this one. Just go back to making good music and long live the Queen.

Nicki Minaj Dumps Diddy As Manager

Young Money female rapper, Nicki Minaj, recently revealed that she is no longer being managed by Diddy. The rap temptress is now under the wing and being managed by Gee Roberson and Kyambo ‘HipHop’ Joshua who are known from Hip-Hip Since 1978. The duo are also responsible for handling affairs for fellow Young Money stars Drake and Lil Wayne. It is believed that Nicki is unhappy with Diddy’s performance as her manager; she was expecting him to bring a lot of guidance but that was never fulfulled. There is a small twist to this story though. Joshua and Roberson were A&R execs for Lil Kim’s ‘The Naked Truth’ album. What do you think the Queen Bee will have to say about this move from Nicki?

Prodigy Released From Lockdown

Finally…after completing a 3-year jail term, Prodigy of Mobb Deep has been released. The rapper from Queens, NY, was set to prison for weapons charges after numerous run-ins with authorities. There was a little speculation behind the actual release date which was reported to be March 7th, but it is possible that P wanted to keep his personal life low-key. At any rate, HHABC wants to give a shout to P for making through his storm. We hope you get back to where you once were.

Lil Kim Explains Her ‘Beef’ With Diddy And Cease

In a recent interview with MTV and Sway, Lil Kim decided to open up about her relationship with Diddy and Junior Mafia. Surprisingly, Kim says she has had enough and proclaims her ties with Lil Cease and Junior Mafia are forever cut.