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50 Accused of Foul Play On Wall Street

Last week after tweeting to his followers to buy shares of H&H imports (in which he owns a piece of the company), 50 Cent seen his stock increase to almost 300% in one day. Once the buzz started to circulate, it was rumored the the successful rapper/entrepreneur was going to find himself sitting in ‘hot water’ due to insider trading. But the question is: was there any foul play or illegal activity involved in this at all? The stock has plummeted drastically and SEC officials say that what 50 did was close to breaking the law but there is no real proof that it was illegal. The SEC is moving quickly to solve the mystery due to past situations similar to this one, such as the Martha Stewart case and most recently the case of Bernie Madoff. As of now, it seems that if 50 Cent is found guilty of anything, he will most likely have to pay all earnings made (if he cashed out). We will keep you posted on this situation as the investigation goes on.


Why is everyone ripping Emeril Lagasse for allowing his name and likeness to be placed on CANNED PASTA MEALS FOR KIDS?

Think Chef Boyardee! This isn’t him.  He sold his marketing rights to Martha Stewart’s Omnimedia.

He no longer has control over any of these products.  Stewart could put his face on a box of condoms if she so wanted.  All he owns are his restaurants.

If you want to blast someone, blast Martha Stewart!