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Thursdayz 4 Wordplay: Stalley ‘Cup Inside A Cup (Freestyle)’

Stalley is slowly becoming the next big voice of Maybach Music Group. The Ohio native seems to be a perfect fit for the already star-studded line-up at MMG. As we take a closer look at what motivates Stalley to writing the things we hear from him, we’re also delighted to catch his latest freestyle for Revolt TV, titled “Cup Inside A Cup”.

Video: Torch Feat. Styles P. & Ameer – ‘Supa Hard’

Doesn’t it seem like almost everyday that someone from Maybach Music Group drops an album, video, or new single? Wale is still basking in glory and success after recently releasing his ‘The Gifted’ album, which has been well-received by the streets. Now Torch steps up to the plate to deliver a new video for Supa Hard, which features Styles P and Ameer. We all know that Styles P has collaborated with dozens of artists but speaking in terms of Maybach Music, his infamous verse on Rick Ross’ ‘B.M.F.’ track which solidified a bond between Maybach Music and D-Block.

Rick Ross and Styles P trade bars on this hood classic. The song created friction amongst a lot of folks but when we look at the general purpose of the SONG itself, it was hot whether you consider Rick Ross real or not.

Rick Ross and Jadakiss – ‘Oil Money Gang’

Audio: Torch Feat. Young Breed, Gunplay & Provalone P – ‘Forgive Me’

Question: At what point does everyone begin to say that the Maybach Music movement is an unstoppable force? Answer: Right about now! Rick Ross has the ‘midas touch’ when it comes to hand-picking his elite team of artists. Torch falls in lime and plays his part well as he continues to build his name amongst his Maybach family.

50 Reasons Ja Rule Should Sign With Maybach Music Group

With Ja Rule’s release date approaching fast, it is still unclear as to where his career will lead him to next. After watching his former label, ‘The Inc’ diminish to an almost non-existent presence, Ja Rule needs a big kickstart to get back in the game. HHABC has the perfect solution…

Below is a couple Reasons Why Ja Rule should sign to Rick Ross Maybach Music:

Ja has no problem being a ‘role player’. While signed to Murder Inc, he knew when to step back and let his labelmates shine.

Experience… As a seasoned veteran, Ja could easily do big numbers, earn respect, and fill his role in his new ‘O.G.’ status.

Money… The almighty dollar is what everyone is out for and no one from MMG appear to be hurting for cash.

Does ‘The Inc’ even exist anymore?

The rapport with Rick Ross could cause a major shift in the industry and with fans as well.

50 Cent… With an all-star lineup at Maybach Music, the joining of forces with Rozay could keep Ja Rule’s and Rick Ross’ former rival at bay.

Ja needs a certain level of talented artists around him to catch him up to speed and keep him on his toes.

Even after everything thing that’s happened, wouldn’t it be nice to see Ja back on his NY sh*t?

Before the 50 Cent beef, deep down inside we all was loving Ja and the Murder Inc movement.

It’s a win-win situation for Rick Ross. If adding Ja Rule to his roster is a success, he looks good for reaching out. If it doesn’t work out, then no harm is done. Maybach Music has already established their reputation.

To make a long story short… it just makes sense. Do we really expect Ja to restore his status with ease? No, of course not. He’s going to need a push, and this move would be a blessing for the NY rapper.

Mixtape: Jahlil Beats – ‘Legend Season’

As a member of the Roc Nation team, Jahlil Beats has risen to be one of the industry’s hottest and most sought after producers. Crafting bangers for Bow Wow, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and countless others, the young producer has established a well-polished resume. Here’s his latest project, Legend Season, a mixtape compiled of various artists and producers, hosted by DJ Woogie.

Rick Ross Wins Lawsuit, Can Keep His Stage Moniker

If you don’t know already, the rapper that we all know as Rick Ross isn’t the original Rick Ross. The MMG artist was inspired to use the name of former drug kingpin ‘Freeway’ Ricky Ross without his consent. In fact, Freeway Ricky was so annoyed with the gesture that he filed a lawsuit against the Maybach Music rapper, asking the court to give him full rights to his name.

Will the Real Rick Ross please stand up…
Just as Freeway Ricky Ross thought the law would ride with him on this issue, an L.A. County Superior court judge ruled that Rick Ross, the artist, can rightfully use the name and dismissed the case. No statement has been released from Freeway Ricky as of yet.

Video: Wale Feat. Lloyd – ‘Sabotage’

As the MMG roster continues to grow, so does the video vault…and at an alarming rate. Wale and Lloyd collab on this track for ‘Sabotage’. Wale goes in and does his usual poetic piece, but he is nearly outshined by Lloyd who delivers majorly with his vocals. In the video, Lloyd is dapper on his swag real heavy, he’s actually a little reminiscent of Babyface in his prime.

Video: Gunplay – ‘B**ches Ain’t S**t’

Gunplay of Maybach Music Group picks one of Snoop and Dr Dre’s classic beats to go in on. It was a lot of negative talk about Gunplay when he first went to MMG. Many felt he wouldn’t be able to pull his weight or would not fit in with the rest of the team. This video will prove that theory to be incorrect and highly unlikely. This dude has definitely got the skills and he has that hunger that is well-respected amongst his peers.