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Mixtape: Wyclef Jean – ‘April Showers’

Even an extended hiatus couldn’t diminish Clef’s wizardry when putting albums together. After years of not being in the mix of things musically, Wyclef Jean makes his return to hip hop felt and he definitely makes it count. His new mixtape ‘April Showers’ is gonna put an answer to a lot of questions as well as any doubts about him still having the talent and drive to put out quality music. With a few features, original tracks, as well as a few borrowed beats, this member of the acclaimed hip hop legendary trio, The Fugees, Clef hits his target dead on. The only thing we would like to see after this is a Fugees reunion and album. Yes I know it’s unlikely but hey, we’re fans of good music over here! Let’s just see what happens!

Mixtape: Bangladesh – ‘Ponzi Scheme’

After maintaining a steady grind in the trenches of the industry, super-producer Bangladesh drops a bag of bangers for the world to know that he’s still here. At one point in time, Bangladesh found himself in the middle of a public and in-house feud with Cash Money/YMCMB over checks that he never received for producing some of the label’s biggest hits. With that same work ethic that got him noticed, he comes back strong once more to show and prove he’s that dude, and if you can’t give that respect, at least mention him in the conversation. Take a listen for yourself…

Mixtape: International Gem – ‘Who Dare Move Me’

There comes a time in one’s life when you realize that some things just don’t cut it for you as they did before. When it comes to music, this could be a drastic change or merely a subtle change of heart. But with that in mind, when the quality of music is of that high levels, it rarely matters what genre it is categorized within. Hip Hop as we know is the fastest growing and genre in the music realm and with it being popularized around the world, it’s safe to say that the true translation of what is good music could sometimes be jaded with gimmicks or corny dance steps that only last a few months…

Quality above all
International Gem has been a player in the game for minute and he’s finally getting the shine he’s deserved, and for good reason too. With wordplay and a rhyme flow that’s reminiscent of that 90’s New York rap that everybody loved. Gem’s ‘Who Dare Move Me’ mixtape was originally released in 2010, but if you listen to this album, you’d most likely become an instant fan. International Gem has earned his stripes and this will serve as a warning to be on the lookout for him because he’s on his way to the top!

Video: ‘Crude Oil’ – track featured on Gem’s ‘Old Gold‘ mixtape…

Video: ‘Raising The Bar’

The Question Everybody Wants To Know…What’s Beef?

At one point in time,the thought of having beef with another rapper was actually NOT the cool thing to do. In case you may have forgotten, in the years of 1996 and 1997, we lost 2 of the most iconic figures in rap music’s history…Tupac and Biggie. Back then, we found it hard to measure influence they had on the people who listened to their music, envied their lifestyles, and even idolized them. As we all know the eventual result that became of ‘Pac and Big’s war of words ended up being two memorable and irreversible tragedies.

To some people, beef may seem petty and often at times corny, meanwhile others feel that when there’s a point to be proven, there should be no limit in fulfilling that need. As history shows, beef should be left alone and not taken seriously…or should it be? Remember when Nas and Jay-Z went at it? That was considered a GOOD thing mainly because there was no violence to arise out of the situation only classic songs which will be forever hailed as some of Jay’s and Nas’ most brilliant pieces of work. But what should we say about this thing with Jeezy and Gucci Mane? As we all know, someone was murdered over the alleged beef between these two rappers and apparently it’s not over. Gucci Mane has no problem letting Young Jeezy know that he still feels a certain type of way about the situation. Jeezy is turning his cheek on this one, but for how long? Only time will tell if this beef will escalate into something other than making music or will it remain only a war of words on wax?

Mixtape: Maino – ‘The Mafia’

After solidifying himself as a relentless force in the industry, Maino is positioning himself to take over the game in true Brooklyn style. Maino has always been known to stay humble all while being outspoken and eager to let the world know his point of view. With the release of his new mixtape, featuring ‘The Mafia’, Maino and crew plans to feed the fans even more audio dopeness…

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OH SNAP! Maino Chokes & Slaps MTV Presenter!

Mixtape: Ar-Ab – ‘Who Harder Than Me 2’

There’s a lot of people out there who may not know who Ar-Ab is, but here’s just the thing to get acquainted. For those who are familiar, it’s no secret that this dude is a beast on the mic. Here’s his second installment of ‘Who Harder Than Me’. The number behind the title has changed but the temperature hasn’t. The kid is still sick with it and the hunger is still prevalent. The mixtape is hosted by DJ Damage and DJ Alamo…

Mixtape: Talib Kweli & Z-Trip – ‘Attack The Block’

Consistency would be the main factor in one’s career longevity in the rap game. Having said that, it’s apparent that Talib Kweli is a prime example of how to survive and remain relevant. This latest mixtape features some of Talib’s most creative work and it still has that soulful feel that we all have known and loved from the Brooklynite. At this stage in his career, Talib Kweli is sharper than ever and it’s truly inspirational to have an artist of this caliber still spitting like it’s his first album. His love for hip hop is evident and HHABC salutes Talib Kweli for his achievements.

Check out ‘Numerology’, taken from ‘Attack The Block’…

Mixtape: Slaughterhouse – ‘On The House’ (Hosted By DJ Drama)

Are you ready to be lyrically SLAUGHTERED??? The latest Slaughterhouse mixtape is a beast… ain’t no frontin’. But of course you guys already knew that because this collective of thoroughbred emcees bring it raw everytime they come out the box. DJ Drama serves as the tour guide for this lyrical journey…enjoy!!!

Mixtape: Akon – ‘Konkrete Jungle’

Back on the scene again, Akon and DJ Whoo Kid (Evil Empire) collaborate on this newly released mixtape, Konkrete Jungle. The mixtape features a little of some of the things we’ve come to love Akon for as well as a few surprises. Even if the Akon’s core fanbase have grown a little impatient with his short hiatus, this new project should suppress their appetites.

Mixtape: Cassidy – ‘Mayhem Music: AP 3

It’s been a long time since we heard from Cassidy, but boy did he deliver and make the wait well worth it. His new release titled, Mayhem Music: AP 3, has exceeded the expectations of Cass’ fans. This mixtape is hosted by DJ Thoro and features names like, 50 Cent, Chubby Jag, Jadakiss, Fred the Godson and a few more.