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Rick Ross : I Am Legend!

Since the very beginning, many critics have downplayed the storybook success and the influence Rick Ross has earned throughout his career. So many doubters proclaimed that he wouldn’t last long and even uttered that his movement was based on gimmicks. But here we are just a few years later and the Miami native is still standing tall and his beloved Maybach Music Group is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. With boastful lyrics and colorful tales of hood dreams that have come true, one would think the person delivering these lines would be that of arrogance and pompous fodder outside of the studio. But recently, we had a chance to rub shoulders with the big homey and we did not witness that at all. What we did realize though, is that Rick Ross is a gentleman with a good heart and is also down-to-earth. With his newly released album, Hood Billionaire, Rozay took time out to hangout in the ATL and give the streets a preview of his latest piece of work.




Hood Billionaire is the second album released in a year which follows up after his Mastermind LP. This puts Rozay in a special category of artists that were once known to be workaholics and were able to bang out at least two albums in a year. Names like DMX, Nas, Talib Kweli, Lil Wayne, 2Pac, Eminem, and E-40 should ring a bell when mentioning that. But not all has been sweet for Rozay in his career. He’s had his share of controversy, whether it was the beef with 50 Cent, the verbal/court dispute over his stage name, and his short tenure as a correctional officer. Even after all of that, one thing was for certain. He came back bigger and stronger every time and in my book that should stand for something. Ladies and gentleman, you are not witnessing… Rick Ross : A Legend in the Making.

Next Up: Bigg Ricc – Don’t Just Go All Out… Go All Inn!

With a new mixtape in circulation and a street team that’s heavy in numbers, Bigg Ricc is on the verge of a big breakthrough. As one of the masterminds behind the ‘All Inn’ movement, Bigg Ricc brings an empowering presence to the underground scene and with his trusty sidekick, 4te Da Giant, a takeover is well within grasp.

It doesn’t all end with music either! Everyone can join the movement too as All Inn merchandise is now available for purchase. Items include custom tees, varsity jackets and sweatshirts.



Thursdayz 4 Wordplay: Stalley ‘Cup Inside A Cup (Freestyle)’

Stalley is slowly becoming the next big voice of Maybach Music Group. The Ohio native seems to be a perfect fit for the already star-studded line-up at MMG. As we take a closer look at what motivates Stalley to writing the things we hear from him, we’re also delighted to catch his latest freestyle for Revolt TV, titled “Cup Inside A Cup”.

He Said What?? 50 Cent’s Cousin (Continental Five) Says French Montana Is Next To Get KDFO!!

To many the name Continental Five may not mean much but something tells me that before it’s all said and done, everyone will be VERY familiar with him and his name. Continental Five, who happens to be 50 Cent’s cousin, says Gunplay got a certified beatdown… and guess what? During a recent interview with Doggie Diamonds and Forbez DVD, he stated that French Montana is next to get that same treatment that Gunplay received.

Just in case you’re wondering if there is any bad blood between 50 and Continental, don’t get your hating hopes up too soon. Continental Five is vocal about how he feels about 50 Cent. There’s an obvious admiration and love for the more popular cousin and if there was any animosity between them, you would never know. These guys come from nothing, all they had back in the day was love for each other and that is the key component that keeps that bond strong today. But as for French Montana… that may not be the case. It’s probably best that he walks the other way if were to see either of these two guys on the street. I’m just saying………

Mixtape: Meek Mill – ‘Dreamchasers 2’

Well this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Meek Mill drops his new mixtape, ‘Dreamchasers 2’ and to say that ‘EVERYBODY’ will be bumping this joint is an understatement. Fans have no problem showing the young’n from Philly love on his new release. Dreamchasers 2 picks up right where the original left off and clearly for all the nonbelievers, it is safe to declare that Meek has rightfully earned his spot in today’s conversation on who is killing right now.

Mixtape: Jahlil Beats – ‘Legend Season’

As a member of the Roc Nation team, Jahlil Beats has risen to be one of the industry’s hottest and most sought after producers. Crafting bangers for Bow Wow, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and countless others, the young producer has established a well-polished resume. Here’s his latest project, Legend Season, a mixtape compiled of various artists and producers, hosted by DJ Woogie.

Rick Ross Wins Lawsuit, Can Keep His Stage Moniker

If you don’t know already, the rapper that we all know as Rick Ross isn’t the original Rick Ross. The MMG artist was inspired to use the name of former drug kingpin ‘Freeway’ Ricky Ross without his consent. In fact, Freeway Ricky was so annoyed with the gesture that he filed a lawsuit against the Maybach Music rapper, asking the court to give him full rights to his name.

Will the Real Rick Ross please stand up…
Just as Freeway Ricky Ross thought the law would ride with him on this issue, an L.A. County Superior court judge ruled that Rick Ross, the artist, can rightfully use the name and dismissed the case. No statement has been released from Freeway Ricky as of yet.