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Michael Vick Gets New Endorsement Deal With Nike

Once upon a time when Michael Vick began to feel the backlash of being convicted of operating a dog-fighting ring, he lost his freedom, a little respect, his job, and his endorsements. After being freed and signed to a new team (Philadelphia Eagles), Vick has played a couple of productive seasons and has proven that he is not the man he once was. This did not unnoticed by Nike who at one time stood by Michael Vick and had him locked into a very attractive endorsement deal. Of course when Vick was going through his tough times, Nike pulled the plug on the deal. But now after establishing himself as a seasoned veteran and model citizen, Nike will once again enter an endorsement deal with the superstar quarterback. The details of the deal have not yet been revealed.

Kobe Bryant Stars As ‘The Black Mamba’

While music and NBA fans enjoyed the weekend’s spectacular events, Kobe Bryant’s new sneaker is revealed during a cinematic short film. The video is chock full of big name stars that all play their respective positions well. Peep game (pun intended).

Kanye To Serve As Kobe Bryant’s ‘Boss’

Kobe Bryant and Kanye West will face-off in a short film scheduled to debut during the NBA All-Star weekend next month. Kobe will assume the role as the ‘Black Mamba’ and Kanye will play the ‘Boss’. The film will also feature Hollywood star Bruce Willis, so apparently this is expected to be big. Here’s a preview…