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2017 SXSW Recap Featuring Dave East & Many More

HipHopABC.TV took to the streets of Austin Texas during 2017 SXSW festival and we caught up with a few of our friends like newly signed Def Jam Artist Dave East.

We also caught up with London based DJ & radio personality Sarah Harrison aka Lady In The Trap.

During our stroll through the Austin Streets, we were joined by Interscope executive and founder of Never Sold Dope, Keinon “The Maven” Johnson who offered to correspond on our behalf.

Big shout out to all the musicians, artists and creatives that sacrificed their hard earned money and time to attend this years SXSW Festival. Be sure to check in with us next year we shall be taking our efforts to the next level.

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Audio: Michael Blak Feat. Noggz – ‘Throwing It Up (Prod. By Michael Blak)’

Just to let you know, it may be wise to keep your eyes on these two. Every time they link up it’s almost certain that quality material will be yielded. Multi-talented producer Michael Blak is known of his tasteful selection of soul samples and it all goes together well with Noggz on the vocals. Check it out!

HipHopABCTV Presents…Hookah & Hip-Hop!

There’s no escaping it! Hip Hop is all around us and believe it or not, it lives in all of us. As avid enthusiasts, we introduce to you Hookah and Hip Hop, and fusion of two cultures that when combined brings quite an unforgettable euphoria. In our first segment, to you will watch Prince Dupree drop an ill freestyle that will make you think to yourselves ‘where has he been all this time’. And this is only the beginning! The Queen of Sheba Restaurant & Hookah Lounge in Atlanta, GA is where you can come experience this social event live and in person every Monday night from 8pm – 1am. Also spotted last week on the scene was Circle Group Entertainment’s Noggz, known for his street single ‘Money Talk’ and “Bottoms Up”. We all know hip hop to be diverse, eccentric and universal, see for yourself and witness the birth of something special.

Video: Marathon Metaphors Kenyan Hip-Hop Documentary Coming Soon!

Marathon Metaphors is a hip-hop documentary Produced, Written & Directed by Artist James Noggz Kamawe in various parts of Kenya.

During a visit to his native country Kenya, Noggz embarked on a tour of virtually every neighborhood, district, region, ghetto and area where hip-hop culture was kept alive simply by the dreams of many hungry prospective artists of all kinds.

Amidst tribal tensions and uncertainty surrounding the fate of Kenya as the general election approaches in March 2013, Hip-Hop has served as a vessel of artistic expression that unites the youth.

Marathon Metaphors takes you through Kenya’s underground hip-hop scene where a slew of artists vow to stay true to the culture while still getting their message across.

Video: Memorial Day Weekend ATL ‘All White Party’ 2012

Some of Atlanta’s finest were spotted at the recent ‘All-White’ Party held exclusively on Memorial Day. The setting of the scene could be described with one word — sexy. As the party went on we caught a glimpse of up and coming hip hop artist, Noggz. We also got word that UK’s own ATO was in the building as well, so we chopped it up with our brethren as well. One thing is for certain though, you don’t want to miss out on the next one. The ballers were out in full force as well as the honeys looking sensually sweet. But don’t just take my word for it, check out the video…

Video: 8th Ave – ‘Telegram’

Hip-hop has an interesting way of transcending through culture and still retaining its authenticity when conveyed right. From Kibera slums (Namba Nane/ Number 8) one of the largest ghettos in Africa enters 8th Ave aka “The Rhyme Demon”.

The young, humble and charismatic MC/Producer responsible for one of the regions biggest records in 2011 “Tokelezea” by Abbass f Chantell , 8th Ave is on a mission to put his hood on the map.

During a recent visit to Nairobi fellow MC/Director, Noggz, (www.therealnoggz.com) caught wind of the young hopeful and was instantly inspired to direct his debut single “Telegram” which is slated to have any hip-hop head itching for that golden era feel once again.

RD is planning on releasing his debut EP as well as continue producing for the numerous other MC’s through his own “Pure Black Pro” Imprint and much more.

Keep an eye out for 8th Ave, he has a story to tell.


Run This Town…Camp Mulla Set To Takeover

As we all know, the music industry is always changing, and it’s pretty tough keeping up with the various fads and trends. So it may come as a surprise to some people that Camp Mulla have become to be who they are today.  Camp Mulla, a hip hop group based out of Nairobi, Kenya,  bring a bubbly type of vibe with their music.  To get a grasp on just how much the group’s hometown supports them, we could look at the fact that during Camp Mulla’s video shoot for ‘Hold It Down’, there were entire city blocks shut down in order for them to shoot their video. To music fans stateside, it may seem that the Camp Mulla came out of nowhere, but in all actuality, they’ve been putting in a lot of work for quite some time.

While on set of the ‘Hold It Down’ video, hip hop artist and fellow Nairobi native, Noggz, stopped by to show love and support of Camp Mulla and their movement. Noggz revealed that he has been following the group since the beginning and says that he knew they had something special and were destined to shine. He was even seen donning an exclusively issued Nairobi fitted cap which has also brought some attention in its own respect.

Click for more on Kenyan hip hop

Audio: Noggz – ‘Cards I Was Dealt’

While hip hop is seemingly being recognized in more places abroad, and more recently, Nairobi, Kenya. Noggz has been one of the front-runners of the pack when it comes to the Kenyan hip hop movement. We can’t forget how far rap has come and still how far it has to go. The new surge has now been revitalized and we give you another example of why fans should pay attention to what these guys are doing. Here’s another one taken from Noggz’ ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ mixtape. One of his most soulful joints released by him so far.

Audio: Noggz – ‘If U Buyin’

As we await the next move from Noggz, we revisit one of his previous works. Once upon a time, before the Nairobi mc, had ‘officially’ established himself as a fan favorite, Noggz invaded the mixtape circuit hard. Back then, it was difficult for him to be taken seriously until he delivered that one special verse which solidified his authenticity. But enough with the history lesson, here’s the infamous verse which was featured as the intro for ‘If U Buyin, We Sellin 8’, hosted by DJ Teknikz, who is also, well on his way to becoming an urban legend.

Video: Noggz Releases Trailer For ‘Don’t Try This At Home’

As Noggz’ star power continues to rise, he takes full advantage, by putting together a documentary which will coincide with his recent release of his latest mixtape, ‘Don’t Try This At Home’. The native Kenyan is said to be a hometown favorite of his homeland and from what we hear, has reportedly returned to Nairobi, Kenya. At press time, Noggz was unable to be reached but we were fortunate to get our hands on what could be the preview to an epic moment in the young star’s career as well as his native Kenya.