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Bad Boy & Lil Kim Reunite And Reps Hard For NYC NBA All-Star Weekend!

When we look back at the history of Bad Boy Records, we now have to give Diddy his props once and for all. Even after all of the contract beefs, ‘shiny suits, etc., there’s no mistaking that Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs is on another level when speaking in terms of his vision. Let’s take a look at the recent performance during the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend event. We witnessed another classic moment as Diddy, Lil Kim and The Lox came together on stage for a memorable performance of ‘All About the Benjamins‘. This is definitely a good look for NYC! In all honesty, the beloved east coast city needed this, especially for the realm of hip hop.



Even the Queensbridge legend Nasty Nas put in work for this NYC moment!!!

Mixtape: The Notorious B.I.G. – ‘Notorious 3000

Continuing our tribute to the legendary ‘B.I.G.’, we came across a mixtape of some his most lethal rhymes blended with some old and new tracks that we all love. Now matter what beat you put behind his rhymes, it still sounds fresh and unmatched.


50 calls diddy a b*tch by D Rebel

In a recent interview, 50 Cent calls out music mogul Diddy. He says that Diddy wants all of the attention. “He wants to be the hot bitch in the group”.

50 claimed that he’s heard rumors of Diddy calling him out but never actually heard his name.

Personally, I think hip hop fans are probably saying,”who the f*ck cares?”. I mean this beef stuff seems so fabricated, its hard to believe that grown-ass men can’t get along.

If you are craving attention and not getting it, try buying a bigger mirror!

Video: Rick Ross ft. Styles P – B.M.F. (Official Behind the Scenes)

When the Albert Anastasia Mixtape dropped some 3-4 weeks ago, who would have thought the unusual collaboration of Rick Ross and Styles P will produce the summers largest club record.

Now as Rick Ross Prepares to release his 4th solo Album, “B.M.F” looks like it is about to guarantee some decent sales for “The Boss”.

New Video: Red Cafe-No Witnesses

Its been a long time coming for Cafe who has bounced around from label to label and always been a regional hit away from being next. Finally since signing with P Diddy’s Bad Boy Records things are beginning to look up for the Brooklynite who has helped pen many hits for some of your favorite artists.  

With a new mixtape on the way (No Witnesses)  and a deafening buzz thanks to his Collabo with Fabolous “I’m Ill”,  he’s career is finally  right where it needs to be. Red Cafe is looking like he just helped turn the heat up this summer and thats good for hip-hop.

Black Rob:1st Video Interview 2 hrs after being released From Prison

Its been almost 4 years since BR was sentenced to a 7 year prison bid and much to many surprise he came home 3 years before due date which is a good thing for the former Bad Boy Records Signee. On this interview Black Rob touches on various subjects like his current relationship with his former label and where he plans to go from here on with his brand.
Under Bad Boy, Black Rob was famous for the platinum selling single “Whoa” released in the late nighties, to this day considered a classic. Black Rob was also known for songs like Mase’s “24 hrs to live” & “Bad boy 4 life”