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Musiq Soulchild Creates Alter-Ego, Introduces ‘The Husel’

For many years, we’ve learned to love and appreciate the endless counts of audio greatness given to us by Musiq Soulchild. From ‘Love’ to ‘Half Crazy’, all the way to his infamous ‘Buddy‘ song, he has delivered classics that will always be held in high regards. But just as numerous other artists have experienced with today’s state of music (Pop, R&B, Hip Hop), the Philadelphia native realized that the time has come to step out of what he’s been used to doing and make adjustments in order to identify and be an artist that would interest today’s mainstream audience. Honestly, he chose to do the right thing at the right time and so far he’s connected and has everyone’s ear once again. And for those who still remain confused as to why he’s changing up, the following is a recent interview of Musiq (excuse me,,, The Husel) explaining what he’s doing and giving us the heads up on what to expect.



We mentioned earlier that change has been good so far for the artist formerly known as Musiq Soulchild and here’s one good reason why… His radio hit ‘Greatest’ has been heavy in rotation and leaves us with high expectations for his upcoming project.


Video: Will & Jaden Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff & Alfonso Ribeiro Rock Out On The Graham Norton Show

It seems that no matter how much time goes by or success he’s seen, Will Smith has remained loyal to his fans and hometown of Philly. Recently as a guest on The Graham Norton Show, Will and son Jaden talk about new blockbuster movie ‘After Earth’ and as a special treat for the crowd, they bring out DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro (starred as Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) for a entertaining melee of which consisted of a freestyle, a rendition of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song and more. What’s more amazing is the chemistry they all showed on stage which brings an apparent suggestion that these guys (Will, Jeff, & Alfonso) chose friendship over fame and it proved to last throughout their careers. You can say what you want about either one of them but do you really think they care? Through their talents they share with the world everyday, we are constantly reminded of what’s really important in life.

Gillie Da Kid : A Legend In The Making

Time and time again, the city of Philly has been put in the position to have to show and prove that talent does really exist past one or two big names. Gillie Da Kid has quietly been on a steady come up and people are starting to take notice of his mic skills. But lets not forget, he’s been in the game for a minute and it’s only fitting that he gets his proper shine because it’s well-deserved.

Everyone remembers Gilly for being the writer behind Lil Wayne’s Carter 1 & 2 of which he would later proclaim foul play. Gilly released numerous statements especially in the DVD circuit stating he was not properly credited and or compensated by Cash Money Records and he embarked on verbal attack on the YMCMB empire.

That being said its been sometime since he has addressed his grievances with Cash Money which is commendable as well as shows some maturity and growth in Gilly. While his former affiliates have soared to exponential levels Gilly has acquired a street following like none other especially in his hometown

With the recent release of his banger featuring long term affiliate Pusha T “Tryna Get me One”, the streets are about to feel Gilly’s presence.

He hooks up with DJ Drama once more for part two of ‘King Of Philly’. At this point in his career you would think that he would lose his edge just a little, but after listening to his new release you will soon notice that is not the case here. He sounds as sharp as ever!

Young Gunz Reloaded: Chris & Neef Still Continue To Evolve Together And Apart

With all that’s going on in Philly, it’s difficult at times to fathom the thought that this same town is dubbed as the city of ‘Brotherly Love’. But all hope has not completely diminished, Chris and Neef have both quietly sustained their personal trials and triumphs. Quite frankly, it’s been a true delight and reminder of how hard work along with persistence always pays off. Originally as a duo, Young Chris and Young Neef won us over with their debut album, Tough Luv (released while signed to Rocafella Records). To those familiar with the Rocafella days, it was apparent that Chris was the highly favored of the two and was the showman of the group. In contrast, Neef was more street and rough around the edges but his resilience proved to be vital as his work ethic is truly his major strength.

Forever Do Me… Neef Buck
While playing the back, Neef has quietly come full circle as an artist and business man. Well-known amongst his peers as being driven and quick to help others, Neef has shown complete dedication in building himself as a solo artist as well as keep his partnership (and friendship) tight with Chris. His latest project ‘Forever Do Me 5: First Love Yourself’, is creating a buzz and it almost makes you wanna smile when you listen and think back to how far he’s come.

Young Chris : Your Favorite Rapper’s Favorite Rapper

There’s no doubt about it, Young Chris has always been a fan favorite ever since his days on the Roc. With a distinct flow and a true realness that the streets respect to the fullest, Chris has more than earned his spot as one of today’s greatest. Think about it for a second… there’s nothing bad you can say about him. He’s always been himself and has never strayed or felt the need to conform just for the sake of being relevant for the sake of the industry. The love is still there. The chemistry is still there. The rawness is still there. What else could you ask for in an artist? These boys clearly had a plan and have stuck to it. Respect is long overdue for Chris and Neef, they’ve held it down and are just getting warmed up.

Since the beginning… Chris and Neef ———2 of the realest #salute

Cassidy Brings The R.A.I.D. Out!! Drops 10-Minute Meek Mill Diss Track

Looks like Cassidy is in his bag again… The Philly emcee is letting it be known that he is ‘THE BOSS’ when it comes to the battle rap scene in the city. This 10-minute melee is a response to a diss track Meek Mill release shortly prior to this release. This started out as a friendly competition but it seems like it’s starting to take a different route. But everybody wants to know if it was really that serious that Cass had to go in for 10 minutes!!! Either way, we give a shout out to Philly that is slowly becoming the city to find that real street music.

Check out Meek Mill’s ‘Repo’ diss track going at Cassidy AND the Larsiny Family

Chubby JAG gets some things off his chest, responds to Meek Mill’s ‘Repo’ diss

Mixtape: Ar-Ab – ‘Who Harder Than Me 2’

There’s a lot of people out there who may not know who Ar-Ab is, but here’s just the thing to get acquainted. For those who are familiar, it’s no secret that this dude is a beast on the mic. Here’s his second installment of ‘Who Harder Than Me’. The number behind the title has changed but the temperature hasn’t. The kid is still sick with it and the hunger is still prevalent. The mixtape is hosted by DJ Damage and DJ Alamo…

Throwback Joint: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – ‘Summertime’

This is undoubtedly a timeless classic brought to you by two of Philly’s finest, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince (Will Smith). The melody was a sample from Kool & the Gang’s ‘Summer Madness’ which bach then, was already a classic tune. This song will forever be touted as one of the duo’s greatest pieces of work. Not to mention, this is the beginning of the summer season, what a perfect time to bump this joint!

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Throwback Joint: Major Figgas – ‘Yeah That’s Us’

One of the illest crews to rep the city of Philly, Major Figgas came into the game with a bang. Headed by Gillie Da Kid, this team brought more hope for Philly music as for at that current time, the only artists who were doing well by mainstream’s standards were Beanie Sigel and Eve. This is Major Figgas’ breakout hit ‘Yeah That’s Us’.

Video: Beanie Sigel Talks About New Deal And Hooking Up With State Property Again

Beanie Sigel, former member of the once-famed Rocafella Records all-star line-up recently revealed that he is once again focused and ready to make a run for the gold. The Philly native opened up about his new record deal with EMI, which was orchestrated by Chris Schwartz. This is a big move for Beans, who has been reluctant to lock himself in with any label since the dismantling of Rocafella. The man we used to know as the Broad Street Bully has humbled himself down in order to fully take advantage of the situation at hand. He even gave mention to his future aspirations for working with his brethren of State Property. Hopefully this time around the Philadelphia crew will capitalize off the joining forces for one common cause.

Classic R&B: Boyz II Men – ‘End Of The Road’

Oh how we soon forgot, the city of Philly had a nice run in the early 90’s, and Boyz II Men was at the forefront of that movement. Held closely under the wing of Michael Bivins, the supergroup from Philadelphia had the charts on lock for months, and when this video was released, that was only the beginning.