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HipHopABCTV Presents…Hookah & Hip-Hop!

There’s no escaping it! Hip Hop is all around us and believe it or not, it lives in all of us. As avid enthusiasts, we introduce to you Hookah and Hip Hop, and fusion of two cultures that when combined brings quite an unforgettable euphoria. In our first segment, to you will watch Prince Dupree drop an ill freestyle that will make you think to yourselves ‘where has he been all this time’. And this is only the beginning! The Queen of Sheba Restaurant & Hookah Lounge in Atlanta, GA is where you can come experience this social event live and in person every Monday night from 8pm – 1am. Also spotted last week on the scene was Circle Group Entertainment’s Noggz, known for his street single ‘Money Talk’ and “Bottoms Up”. We all know hip hop to be diverse, eccentric and universal, see for yourself and witness the birth of something special.