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Old School 99.3 Radio Debuts In Atlanta

Life is all about choices and in most cases, the more we have to choose from, the better chance we have to be happy. As we all know, finding the best suitable radio station can sometimes become quite a task. But for the city of Atlanta, change is on the horizon. Not too long ago, Streetz 94.5 Radio took the city by storm and offered a nice blend of music to keep virtually everyone happy. From hip hop enthuisiasts to R&B lovers and even the faithful reality tv fans. But now with the addition of Old School 99.3 Radio, which is affiliated with Streetz 94.5, radio listeners have another viable option. Specializing in spinning 80’s,90’s and early 2000’s hits and even a sprinkle of 90’s sounds, this station will feature classics from artists such as Keith Sweat, Luther Vandross, Mary J Blige, Jay-Z, Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Jodeci, Jagged Edge LL Cool J, Scarface and countless others. In addition, there are few who may be familiar with this station mostly because it runs as a simulcast with 1010 WTZA-AM. As of now, the owner Steve Hegwood, maintains his focus on building the station into becoming the city’s premier radio station and plans to recruit some of the best talent to fill positions of disc jockeys and on-air personalities.

Nuff Respect Due : A Reflection On Angie Martinez’ Impact On The Culture



‘I’m so New York…’ 


After years of being an avid music enthusiast and an all so apparent product of pop culture, I’ve always had a fond admiration for NYC’s very own Angie Martinez. She is widely known as one of the pioneer voices of New York’s Hot 97 Radio Station and in my opinion played a vital part in making the station what it is today. A few months ago, she recently left Hot 97 to start a new tenure at rival station Power 105.1, the same station responsible for bringing daily news and interviews by an esteemed trio known as The Breakfast Club. For those that aren’t familiar, Angie has been one of radio’s most reliable and trusted names in the business. I must say that my respect for her has grown even more after watching her interview with The Breakfast Club where she addresses everything from Hot 97 to friendships to her historical interview with the late, great Tupac Shakur [Angie is the woman you hear interviewing ‘Pac on his Makaveli album in the interlude right before ‘To Live and Die in L.A.]. I’ve always wondered why that interview was never released but after hearing her explain her reason for not doing so, I’m once again tipping my hat to the radio queen. To sum things up, in my opinion if there is anyone with the clout or deserves to make the statement ‘I’m so New York’, Angie Martinez has earned that right plus more. Watch her interview with her ‘now’ co-workers The Breakfast Club (Angela Yee, DJ Envy, & Charlamagne The God). I will go as far as saying that even this very interview will be historical one day. It was exciting and interesting to see Angie on the other side of the table as the interviewee, one of the few moments she’s opened up to reveal a part of herself that we don’t normally get a chance to see or hear.









Congrats!! Streetz 94.5 Atlanta Celebrates 2nd Year Anniversary

At the very beginning of the journey, there were many who said that it wouldn’t last but two years later, Streetz 94.5 Radio Station of Atlanta is still here… and they ain’t going nowhere! Recently the on-air personalities got together at Atl’s Opera Night Club and celebrated their success with the party-goers and a few of the music industries hottest talents. K Camp, The Migos, Shawty Lo, Myko Montana and were just some of the familiar faces that came through to salute and celebrate.

Atlantas New Hip-Hop Station was joined by The Migos, K Camp, Travis Porter, Myko Montana, Shawty Lo & A1 the Super Group to commemorate the event at Opera Night Club.

Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5 Radio Station Invites You To StreetzFest 2014!

Get yourselves ready for the hottest event the spring season has to offer! Atlanta’s own Streetz 94.5 Radio Station is set to bring you a show that you don’t wanna miss! With names such as Young Thug, Rich Homey Quan, Que, PeeWee Longway, The Migos and more. Going down at the Masquerade, be sure to grab your tickets now! For more information and exclusive details, go to …. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/streetzfest-2014-tickets-10894272061

See you there!

Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5 Radio Station Exceeds Expectations and Shakes Up The Airwaves!

When you turn on the radio at any given time of day, the average person doesn’t even think about everything that goes on behind the scenes to get those songs on the air. But it is common knowledge that the radio business is very competitive, just think about all of the different stations you are able to tune into just from your location at this very moment.

Streetz 94.5

Just over a year old, Streetz 94.5 has taken the city of Atlanta by storm and they are literally just getting started. Owned by Steve Hegwood, Streetz is responsible for breaking records by Trinidad James as well as Rich Homie Quan. Many of the station’s successes can be accredited to Hegwood but like any other business, it also took the talents and strengths of the entire Streetz 94.5 staff to build the station into what it is today. The Streetz lineup includes Rashan Ali, a multi-talented personality with an impressive resumé that stretches well outside the city of Atlanta. Next is programming consultant Jerry Smokin’ B who also boasts an impressive radio industry background as well. But that’s not all, Streetz also employs some of the industry’s hottest and well-traveled DJ’s in the game with Jay Tek, DJ Holiday, and DJ Blak. Last but not least we have to mention the lovely Ms. Jazzy McBee, who serves as an on-air personality and programming assistant.

Atlanta, GA
For many years Hot 107.9 and V-103 (Atlanta’s local radio stations) have been competing with each other to be the most popular and listened to station in the city. Both Hegwood and Jerry Smokin B were instrumental in getting Hot 107.9 off the ground from an administrative standpoint along with launching the world famous “Birthday Bash” over 15 years ago. At one point in time, V-103 was considered the veteran and Hot 107.9 was like the rookie in the league. Hot 107.9 first started by appealing to a younger audience, but they ended up being the favorite amongst the majority of the city’s listeners. Things held steady at that disposition for years until the ‘Streetz’ caught on fire.

Most recently Streetz 94.5 teamed up with Epic Records, Domino’s Pizza, King and King Attorney’s, Perchwerk Studios in search for Atlanta’s Next Big Hip-Hop Superstar. The contest had hundreds of submissions from various parts of the region and surrounding areas eager to secure the win. 15 year old Chate­jah “Taj” George” emerged the winner securing the $10,000 cash price along with a single deal with Epic Records.