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#NowPlaying : Method Man – The Purple Tape (feat. Raekwon, Inspectah Deck)

Longevity has become a rarity these days, and it’s also the very thing that keeps Method Man on the rap radar. With a work ethic unlike no other, even after being in the game 20+ years, Mef still has that wow factor when it comes to dropping punchlines and the raw, gritty flow that NYC was well-respected for in the 90’s era.

The Purple Tape is one of the bangers on Method Man’s latest studio album, titled, ‘The Meth Lab’. The  track also feature fellow Wu-Tang clansmen Raekwon and Inspectah Deck. Along with friend and long-time collaborator, Redman, he refuses to compromise his creativity and loyalty to the game just for the sake of a dollar. ‘Meth Lab’ is  a strong effort and solidifies proof that if there is any doubt that he can’t spit dopeness, you got it twisted! The kid can still bring it.






#NowPlaying : Redman Feat. Method Man, Xzibit, & Raekwon – ‘Step Up’

With hopes that Redman’s ‘Muddy Waters 2’ Lp will still come to fruition, he drops a few joints to keep us from losing all faith. Taken from his latest mixtape, Muddy Waters 2 (The Prelude), he drops a collaborative joint titled ‘Step Up’, which features his beloved hip hop brother Method Man and also Raekwon and Xzibit. One thing we can give Red respect for is that fact that he still connects with today’s hip hop fans, he still gets show money, and he keeps our hopes alive for MW2 and How High 2! Gotta smoke one to that!



The Art of Storytelling : Raekwon Still Holds The Sharpest Sword

As we’ve witnessed over the years, countless rappers who have captured our heart, soul and imaginations, the one aspect of rhyming that has always been appreciated is the art of storytelling. We remember the Life After Death album from Biggie and numerous memorable tales from Nas. Even Jay-Z came through with a few classic stories that we will never forget and pick up word-for-word as we hear that one track that always takes us back to that moment when we thought to ourselves… ‘Damn that was dope! How did he think of that?’

With over 20 years in the game, it’s time we remind you that even after being dubbed a legend, Raekwon is still a beast on the mic and will drop a memorable tale that leaves us mesmerized every time. When the conversation comes up on who were actually amongst the best in the game, it personally strikes a nerve when no one even thinks to mention Rae. So we feel it is our duty to bring to your attention once again that this Wu-Tang swordsman is still one of the best in the game!

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Throwback Joint: Dj Clue Feat. Boot Camp Click – ‘Come On’

Now you didn’t actually think we would let you go this week without a throwback joint did you? Class is in session…rewind it back to 1998. Nas, DMX, and Hype Williams pulled off the hood version of Al Pacino’s ‘Scarface’ with the street classic ‘Belly’. That soundtrack was a banger from start to finish and right around that same time, Dj Clue took to NYC’s most storied hoods and rounded up the hottest emcees to bring this classic compilation mixtape. This is one those joints that make you go ohhhh sh**! I remember that. Enjoy and if possible revisit that Dj Clue ‘Professional’ mixtape which was packaged and sold as an official album.

Video: Raekwon Feat. L.E.P. Bogus Boys & Dion Primo – ‘This S**t Hard’

Amazingly enough, Raekwon has been in the game for about 20 years and he still gets love and respect worldwide. This video is the imagery from a collaboration from Rae’s Chicago connect, L.E.P. Bogus Boys & Dion Primo. Tales of a hustler always sets the tone for a memorable video and this one is definitely some of the Chef’s greatest work…even at this stage in his career.

Video: Raekwon – ‘This S**t Hard (Behind The Scenes)

Raekwon has received much attention for his single, ‘This Sh#t Hard’, off his Unexpected Victory mixtape. In fact the energy was so live that he headed to Chicago to shoot a video for the song which also features L.E.P Bogus Boys. Through the changing times and high-speed digital age, Raekwon has held it down and managed to stay relevant. That in itself deserves respect…from Shaolin to Chi-town, the chef still has the recipe for success.

Mixtape: Raekwon – ‘Unexpected Victory’

Ayo, there’s no denying that Raekwon has caught his second wind and going in again like it’s 1995. The chef found a new recipe and has whipped up another hood classic. The title, ‘Unexpected Victory’ is a perfect fit for this mixtape because that’s exactly what it is.