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Video: Redman – ‘Dopeman’

For hardcore Redman fans, it’s a much needed relief to see Reggie doing what he does best. With a new album, titled Mudface, just a couple of weeks away from release, he sets the tone with a banger with every bit of wit, rawness and humor we’ve come to love Redman for. The lead single, ‘Dopeman’,  is funk-ladened The past few years we’ve been hearing about Red being more involved with things behind the camera, directing and producing videos.


After more than 20+ years in the game, Redman is still a beast when it comes to lyrical content and now to add to that a respected screenwriter. Red’s current work proves the emcee hasn’t lost any of his creative fire, in fact this stuff is dope man!






#NowPlaying : Redman Feat. Method Man, Xzibit, & Raekwon – ‘Step Up’

With hopes that Redman’s ‘Muddy Waters 2’ Lp will still come to fruition, he drops a few joints to keep us from losing all faith. Taken from his latest mixtape, Muddy Waters 2 (The Prelude), he drops a collaborative joint titled ‘Step Up’, which features his beloved hip hop brother Method Man and also Raekwon and Xzibit. One thing we can give Red respect for is that fact that he still connects with today’s hip hop fans, he still gets show money, and he keeps our hopes alive for MW2 and How High 2! Gotta smoke one to that!



Damon Dash Is Interviewed By Redman, Reveals That Jay-Z & Kanye Learned From Him

Sometimes it’s always interesting to hear the ‘other’ side of a classic story…


Given their respective careers, Dame Dash and Redman are still relatively influential figures and both have had historical moments in the game, as well as, being known to always speak out when given the opportunity. So when I first came across this interview, I was curious to know what kind of things that would be said during a conversation between these two. Surprisingly enough though, there were some interesting points brought to light by Dame Dash and whether you love him or hate him, it’s still entertaining to watch him emulate shades of himself that we once grew familiar with back in the late 90’s.

Don’t fight the current of the water!

Hip-Hop 101: Redman & Lords Of The Underground’s “Do It All”

Guess who??? As we take a trip down memory lane, we revisit the early 90’s era. The place of interest is Newark, New Jersey where you could easily find a fat bag of herbal goodness on every corner, as well as, some of the illest and most talented rappers who will never make it big. Luckily for rap fans, two of Jersey’s finest made the cut and went on to bless the world with some memorable verses. I’m referring to the rapper we all know as Redman and another lyricist by the name of Do-it-All.

Many people don’t know and are completely oblivious to the fact that Red originally started out as a DJ (previously known as DJ Cut Killer), in which he was well known for his scratch work throughout the NJ/NY area. Do-it-All, a superb lyricist as well, was known for rhyming over Redman’s dj mixes and later became a member of the rap group called Lords of the Underground.

The Lords of the Underground had some commercial success but would their buzz would quickly subside after the release of their second album. As we all know, Redman had a much more successful career as his moniker has become a household name over the past 10 years. Shout out to both emcees for putting Jersey on the map and helping lay the foundation for others to follow.

Throwback Joint: Dj Clue Feat. Boot Camp Click – ‘Come On’

Now you didn’t actually think we would let you go this week without a throwback joint did you? Class is in session…rewind it back to 1998. Nas, DMX, and Hype Williams pulled off the hood version of Al Pacino’s ‘Scarface’ with the street classic ‘Belly’. That soundtrack was a banger from start to finish and right around that same time, Dj Clue took to NYC’s most storied hoods and rounded up the hottest emcees to bring this classic compilation mixtape. This is one those joints that make you go ohhhh sh**! I remember that. Enjoy and if possible revisit that Dj Clue ‘Professional’ mixtape which was packaged and sold as an official album.

Throwback Joint: Keith Murray Feat. LL Cool J – ‘Incredible’

As a member of the Def Squad, Keith Murray was always known for his extraordinary wordplay and even more for his willingness to voice his opinion about anything he felt that needed to be addressed. Throughout his various prison bids and beefs which included Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, Keith Murray still has to be recognized as one of the greats to ever spit on a mic.