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Rick Ross : I Am Legend!

Since the very beginning, many critics have downplayed the storybook success and the influence Rick Ross has earned throughout his career. So many doubters proclaimed that he wouldn’t last long and even uttered that his movement was based on gimmicks. But here we are just a few years later and the Miami native is still standing tall and his beloved Maybach Music Group is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. With boastful lyrics and colorful tales of hood dreams that have come true, one would think the person delivering these lines would be that of arrogance and pompous fodder outside of the studio. But recently, we had a chance to rub shoulders with the big homey and we did not witness that at all. What we did realize though, is that Rick Ross is a gentleman with a good heart and is also down-to-earth. With his newly released album, Hood Billionaire, Rozay took time out to hangout in the ATL and give the streets a preview of his latest piece of work.




Hood Billionaire is the second album released in a year which follows up after his Mastermind LP. This puts Rozay in a special category of artists that were once known to be workaholics and were able to bang out at least two albums in a year. Names like DMX, Nas, Talib Kweli, Lil Wayne, 2Pac, Eminem, and E-40 should ring a bell when mentioning that. But not all has been sweet for Rozay in his career. He’s had his share of controversy, whether it was the beef with 50 Cent, the verbal/court dispute over his stage name, and his short tenure as a correctional officer. Even after all of that, one thing was for certain. He came back bigger and stronger every time and in my book that should stand for something. Ladies and gentleman, you are not witnessing… Rick Ross : A Legend in the Making.

Video: Timberland Chats With The Breakfast Club & Shows Enthusiasm About New Artist

It’ s been a while since we’ve seen and heard that playful side of Timbaland on record or even at all for that matter. But recently with an interview with Power 105.1 (The Breakfast Club), he spoke of everything from Aaliyah, comparisons from today’s music to the 90’s era, all the way to his new artist, Tink. In the interview, you will notice the look in Tim’s eyes, it’s that look of passion, something that has been noticeably missing from the superstar producer for quite some time. After playing a couple of tracks featuring the 19-year old lyricist/vocalist, it’s no wonder why he’s dubbing his new artist to be at the forefront of the next female emcee takeover. A few months ago, Tim mentioned that he had a project coming up that he and Nas are putting together. At the end of the interview he plays another joint but not before telling Dj Envy to end the interview and stop the camera rolling… my guess is that the song he played featured Nas and Tink but we’ll see (and hear) about it in due time.



Btw… here’s that joint with Rick Ross and Jay-z that he played in the video above…



Video: Torch Feat. Styles P. & Ameer – ‘Supa Hard’

Doesn’t it seem like almost everyday that someone from Maybach Music Group drops an album, video, or new single? Wale is still basking in glory and success after recently releasing his ‘The Gifted’ album, which has been well-received by the streets. Now Torch steps up to the plate to deliver a new video for Supa Hard, which features Styles P and Ameer. We all know that Styles P has collaborated with dozens of artists but speaking in terms of Maybach Music, his infamous verse on Rick Ross’ ‘B.M.F.’ track which solidified a bond between Maybach Music and D-Block.

Rick Ross and Styles P trade bars on this hood classic. The song created friction amongst a lot of folks but when we look at the general purpose of the SONG itself, it was hot whether you consider Rick Ross real or not.

Rick Ross and Jadakiss – ‘Oil Money Gang’

The Question Everybody Wants To Know…What’s Beef?

At one point in time,the thought of having beef with another rapper was actually NOT the cool thing to do. In case you may have forgotten, in the years of 1996 and 1997, we lost 2 of the most iconic figures in rap music’s history…Tupac and Biggie. Back then, we found it hard to measure influence they had on the people who listened to their music, envied their lifestyles, and even idolized them. As we all know the eventual result that became of ‘Pac and Big’s war of words ended up being two memorable and irreversible tragedies.

To some people, beef may seem petty and often at times corny, meanwhile others feel that when there’s a point to be proven, there should be no limit in fulfilling that need. As history shows, beef should be left alone and not taken seriously…or should it be? Remember when Nas and Jay-Z went at it? That was considered a GOOD thing mainly because there was no violence to arise out of the situation only classic songs which will be forever hailed as some of Jay’s and Nas’ most brilliant pieces of work. But what should we say about this thing with Jeezy and Gucci Mane? As we all know, someone was murdered over the alleged beef between these two rappers and apparently it’s not over. Gucci Mane has no problem letting Young Jeezy know that he still feels a certain type of way about the situation. Jeezy is turning his cheek on this one, but for how long? Only time will tell if this beef will escalate into something other than making music or will it remain only a war of words on wax?

Audio: Rick Ross Feat. Andre 3000 – ‘Sixteen’

Who would have thought that these two artists would ever collaborate to do a song? Not many…but the unlikely combo came together to make a timeless piece of music that gives us that small dosage of Andre 3000 he’s become known for over the past few years. ‘God Forgives, I Don’t’ could very well be on it’s way to classic status in a few months, that’s an honor that Rozay has come to deserve. But please Mr. 3000… we need some more of this, maybe even another Outkast album (hint, hint)!.

50 Reasons Ja Rule Should Sign With Maybach Music Group

With Ja Rule’s release date approaching fast, it is still unclear as to where his career will lead him to next. After watching his former label, ‘The Inc’ diminish to an almost non-existent presence, Ja Rule needs a big kickstart to get back in the game. HHABC has the perfect solution…

Below is a couple Reasons Why Ja Rule should sign to Rick Ross Maybach Music:

Ja has no problem being a ‘role player’. While signed to Murder Inc, he knew when to step back and let his labelmates shine.

Experience… As a seasoned veteran, Ja could easily do big numbers, earn respect, and fill his role in his new ‘O.G.’ status.

Money… The almighty dollar is what everyone is out for and no one from MMG appear to be hurting for cash.

Does ‘The Inc’ even exist anymore?

The rapport with Rick Ross could cause a major shift in the industry and with fans as well.

50 Cent… With an all-star lineup at Maybach Music, the joining of forces with Rozay could keep Ja Rule’s and Rick Ross’ former rival at bay.

Ja needs a certain level of talented artists around him to catch him up to speed and keep him on his toes.

Even after everything thing that’s happened, wouldn’t it be nice to see Ja back on his NY sh*t?

Before the 50 Cent beef, deep down inside we all was loving Ja and the Murder Inc movement.

It’s a win-win situation for Rick Ross. If adding Ja Rule to his roster is a success, he looks good for reaching out. If it doesn’t work out, then no harm is done. Maybach Music has already established their reputation.

To make a long story short… it just makes sense. Do we really expect Ja to restore his status with ease? No, of course not. He’s going to need a push, and this move would be a blessing for the NY rapper.

50 Cent Addresses Beef With Ja Rule & Rick Ross

In a recent interview, 50 Cent took the opportunity to address a few issues that the public has been yearning to know more about. Don’t we all sometimes wonder what are Fif’s current thoughts about former nemesis, Ja Rule? Or furthermore, what’s the deal on the tension with Rick Ross and Maybach Music? Check out what 50 has to say…