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Release Date For DMX’s New ‘Undisputed’ Album Is Revealed

It looks like fans of DMX will get what they’ve been anxiously waiting for. X’s manager, Jason Fowler, recently announced that his next album will be released on June 26th. The name of the upcoming album is titled ‘Undisputed’. This will be DMX’s seventh studio album. Once a member of the Ruff Ryder crew, X will still be expected to bring heat.

Throwback Joint: DMX – ‘Slippin’

There was a time when DMX had the whole world barking and howling as he graced the stage to pour his heart and soul out into his music. After a turbulent personal life plagued his career, the main attraction of the ‘Ruff Ryders’ movement fell from stardom but was never completely removed from our fond memories. DMX is currently making an attempt to emerge once again as one of hip hop’s greatest. At his best, he was nearly untouchable and everything he dropped was classic. Who else could drop two classic albums within a span of a year and have a slew of classic hits from both of them? Remember ‘It’s Dark and Hell is Hot’ & ‘Flesh of My Flesh…’ As a true music fan, I beg you to not count the dog out yet, he may have one more gem left! Here’s a look back at one of his most precious tracks, Slippin.

DMX Released From Prison

It’s official…the dog has been released from lock down and now he’s ready to bite! DMX was release from Yuma state prison today. It is reported that X, was greeted by close family members and friends immediately after release. The animated rapper revealed that he will be heading straight to the studio after a shopping trip and a visit to his probation officer. X was scheduled to be released last week but after failing a drug test, he was denied freedom until today.

DMX Now Being Observed For Mental Condition

The month of December has been a busy time for rap great DMX. But it wasn’t because he was out buying gifts or playing Santa. Unfortunately, the dog has backed himself into a corner with his last skirmish with the law. After being charged with violating his probation on December 16th, the rapper was sent to Arizona’s Alhambra State Prison. Meanwhile, during the sentencing process the judge told ‘X’ that he may have some mental issues that need to be examined, namely a bipolar condition. During his 1-yr sentence, he will be moved to the mental ward of the prison for at least 30 days, in which he will be denied all visits. The reason X is in this predicament this time around, stems from an arrest back in November for possession of Oxycontin. The rapper also turned 40 on December 18th.