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Angela Simmons Shines As She Celebrates New Collection

Friends, family and peers all came out to support Angela Simmons as she releases new fashion collection. Everyone who even mentions her name seem to wear a proud smile that truly reveals how much she is respected in the industry. She’s come a long way since the days of the Pastry sneaker line and it’s exciting to watch as her talents flourish right before our eyes. Congrats Angela!

Russell Simmons Speaks On Kimora, Djimon, Money, & More

In an effort to separate reality from rumors Russell Simmons addressed the media via his website GlobalGrind. Respectable and direct, Russell went in on false claims of Djimon and Kimora fighting over his money and rumors about her having to sell one of her homes due to financial instability. Known for being a wise and savvy businessman, as well as, a straight-forward individual, he left no room for getting any of the facts twisted. In fact he threw a jab at The New York Daily News for fueling the rumors of the couple’s relationship and wealth status. Russell Simmons — still one of the realest.

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True Or False? Kimora Lee Simmons & Djimon Hounsou Part Ways Over Money…

It has been reported by Bossip and various other media outlets that Kimora and her husban Djimon have decided to sever ties. Now the most intriguing fact about this whole ordeal was the possibility that this move was brought about over the ‘almighty dollar’. It is rumored by inside sources that Kimora’s former hubby, Russell Simmons, has taken the supermodel/entrepreneur off his payroll (no mo’ money from Uncle Rush!). It’s still early to pinpoint the cause of the split but you can best believe that Kimora will bounce back in true diva fashion,