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Skyzoo: Brooklyn’s Knight In Shining Armor

Skyzoo as we all know is a rather unique individual when it comes to this rap ishh. So when he dropped his latest project, A Dream Deferred, we all knew what to expect of him, right?? That may be the case, but luckily enough things didn’t exactly go as we expected. ‘A Dream Deferred’ features a collection of tracks produced by names such as 9th Wonder, !llmind, Jahlil Beats and a few others. The album as a whole has a soulful vibe and is heavily saturated with live instrumentation (horns, strings, pianos, etc). What’s so special about this album? The lyrics and overall vibe that’s brought with it is so joyful as well as inspirational. It’s a long call from the usual Rick Ross (“Unnhh”) or Meek Mill (“30 Racks”), but in this case, that would be considered a good thing. Skyzoo’s music has always been innovative and some have even called him inspirational. His ‘Jansport Strings’ joint is one of those that stand out on his latest project. The song is an ode to Chi-Ali, a young rapper whose rap career was cut short due to a prison bid he had to serve for a murder charge. He credits Chi-Ali for being the one who inspired him to be a rapper and he doesn’t hold back for letting it be known. Skyzoo, who is also a well-known sneaker head, is one to watch in the future, mainly because his music has substance and his passion for music is authentic. Don’t be surprised if 10 years from now we will still be hailing Skyzoo as one of the greats. And besides he’s from Brooklyn… a place where legends are born and bred everyday.

Documentary: ‘Just For Kicks’ — A Closer Look At The History And Culture Of Sneakers

This is strictly for the ‘sneaker’ lover in all of us. As time flies by we sometimes lose grasp on the small things which in most cases would be considered as the minor details that make the big picture much brighter (or clearer for that matter). Anyway, this is an ode to the sneaker culture, a closer look at what helped turn this craze into more than just a fashion trend — but a staple to a whole worldwide culture. Look as some of the industry’s pioneers and voices speak out in the name of ‘kicks’.

Kobe Bryant Stars As ‘The Black Mamba’

While music and NBA fans enjoyed the weekend’s spectacular events, Kobe Bryant’s new sneaker is revealed during a cinematic short film. The video is chock full of big name stars that all play their respective positions well. Peep game (pun intended).