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Video: Timberland Chats With The Breakfast Club & Shows Enthusiasm About New Artist

It’ s been a while since we’ve seen and heard that playful side of Timbaland on record or even at all for that matter. But recently with an interview with Power 105.1 (The Breakfast Club), he spoke of everything from Aaliyah, comparisons from today’s music to the 90’s era, all the way to his new artist, Tink. In the interview, you will notice the look in Tim’s eyes, it’s that look of passion, something that has been noticeably missing from the superstar producer for quite some time. After playing a couple of tracks featuring the 19-year old lyricist/vocalist, it’s no wonder why he’s dubbing his new artist to be at the forefront of the next female emcee takeover. A few months ago, Tim mentioned that he had a project coming up that he and Nas are putting together. At the end of the interview he plays another joint but not before telling Dj Envy to end the interview and stop the camera rolling… my guess is that the song he played featured Nas and Tink but we’ll see (and hear) about it in due time.



Btw… here’s that joint with Rick Ross and Jay-z that he played in the video above…



Nuff Respect Due : A Reflection On Angie Martinez’ Impact On The Culture



‘I’m so New York…’ 


After years of being an avid music enthusiast and an all so apparent product of pop culture, I’ve always had a fond admiration for NYC’s very own Angie Martinez. She is widely known as one of the pioneer voices of New York’s Hot 97 Radio Station and in my opinion played a vital part in making the station what it is today. A few months ago, she recently left Hot 97 to start a new tenure at rival station Power 105.1, the same station responsible for bringing daily news and interviews by an esteemed trio known as The Breakfast Club. For those that aren’t familiar, Angie has been one of radio’s most reliable and trusted names in the business. I must say that my respect for her has grown even more after watching her interview with The Breakfast Club where she addresses everything from Hot 97 to friendships to her historical interview with the late, great Tupac Shakur [Angie is the woman you hear interviewing ‘Pac on his Makaveli album in the interlude right before ‘To Live and Die in L.A.]. I’ve always wondered why that interview was never released but after hearing her explain her reason for not doing so, I’m once again tipping my hat to the radio queen. To sum things up, in my opinion if there is anyone with the clout or deserves to make the statement ‘I’m so New York’, Angie Martinez has earned that right plus more. Watch her interview with her ‘now’ co-workers The Breakfast Club (Angela Yee, DJ Envy, & Charlamagne The God). I will go as far as saying that even this very interview will be historical one day. It was exciting and interesting to see Angie on the other side of the table as the interviewee, one of the few moments she’s opened up to reveal a part of herself that we don’t normally get a chance to see or hear.









Video: The Legendary “Timberland” Talks To The Breakfast Club About His Extensive Career

There isn’t a single person in the world who can rightfully say they are so full of themselves that there isn’t enough room for a slice of humble pie. That’s why it’s no surprise that after watching this interview of Timbaland reflecting on his life and career, one would find it difficult not to respect him. Tim Mosley, better known as Timbaland, sat down with The Breakfast Club and revealed things about himself that most fans probably never knew. Known for his own signature ‘bounce’ sound, Timbaland has proved himself time and again that he is no ordinary producer. There are things embedded in his persona that propelled him to be amongst the greatest musicians of our generation.