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Legends Never Die : Biggie Smalls Is The Illest

No matter how much time passes by, our love, admiration, and respect for the late Christopher Wallace never subsides. For an artist of this magnitude to be taken away from us after such a short-lived career seems unfair. But it is the memories and timeless classics that we cling onto that always seem to put things into perspective. Biggie was indeed one of the greatest artists of all time, and without his contribution, who knows where hip hop music would be.

It never ceases to amaze how much attention is shown to Biggie in the month of March, which is the month his life was taken many years ago. Not that it’s anything wrong with showing love and acknowledgement, but even with his memory being kept alive, I feel that credit should be given to D Roc for keeping that torch lit. Before B.I.G. was taken from us, he and his best friend D Roc were planning to launch a clothing line which was to be called Brooklyn Mint. Needless to say Biggie would not live to see this vision come alive but on the other hand, D Roc made sure that this very same vision would become a reality. Known now as Invisible Bully, this clothing line was brought to life by D Roc and it is said that Diddy played an intricate part in this as well. Furthermore, much respect should be given to him as he never once sought to exploit BIG’s name for fame or financial gain. It’s all for the ‘Love’ of The Notorious B.I.G.

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XXL Revisits The Life Of 2Pac In Upcoming Tribute Issue

It’s hard to fathom that it has been 15 years since 2Pac was taken away from us. In upcoming September issue, XXL Magazine will revisit the life and times of the hip hop icon. The article will feature interviews by some of ‘Pac’s closest friends and family including, Mutulu Shakur, the Outlawz, and many others.

Tupac’s 1994 Robbery Thief Comes Forward

It’s been nearly two decades since the rap legend Tupac Sbakur was robbed at gunpoint at NYC’s Quad Studio. Now after the loss of two of rap’s greatest icons, never-ending beefs, etc., Dexter Isaac, comes forward and names himself as the culprit that robbed 2Pac. Isaac is currently serving a life sentence in a New York facility. According to Isaac, he was paid $2500.00 for the robbery and was told to keep all the jewelry he confiscated except for one ring. He names James ‘Jimmy Henchman’ Rosemond as the one who ordered the hit. His reason for coming forth now…he wants to provide closure for Pac and Biggie’s families. One claim that he mentioned has got the street buzzing…Dexter Isaac, named Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs as one of the conspirators. This is getting deep. For now we’re going to keep our ear to the street for the whole story. At least the families can now breathe a little easier and connect some of the dots in this real-life saga.

Lil Kim Explains Her ‘Beef’ With Diddy And Cease

In a recent interview with MTV and Sway, Lil Kim decided to open up about her relationship with Diddy and Junior Mafia. Surprisingly, Kim says she has had enough and proclaims her ties with Lil Cease and Junior Mafia are forever cut.

Big Week For Hip Hop: Prodigy To Be Released, Anniversary Of Biggie’s Death

While the whole rap world is set for the prison release of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, everyone is ready to hear what he has to say and what has the time spent away done for his lyrics and his persona. The last that we heard was that he was to be released on March 7th. If this remains true, that date will be just two days before the anniversary of the death of rap ‘King of New York’, the Notorious B.I.G., who died of gun shot wounds on March 9, 1997. This is a big week in the world of hip hop, so as a tribute to both legends we present this classic video of Biggie freestyling over Mobb Deep’s ‘Hell on Earth’ instrumental. During the month of March, HHABC will revisit some of the most memorable moments Biggie brought to us in his short-lived career.