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Tessanne Chin Shuts The White House Down, Serenades Obama

Still mesmerized and living a dream that has come true, Tessanne Chin made her presence felt with her ‘Women of Soul:Performance at the White House’.

The recent winner of ‘The Voice’ had President Obama, The First Lady Michelle, and the rest of the exuberant audience in awe as she belted out an impressive reprise of Donna Summer’s hit record, ‘Last Dance’.

The Jamaican-born starlet is continues to fascinate us with her girlish smile, graceful charm, and soulful voice.

News Alert: Americans Await Obama’s Confirmation Of Osama bin Laden’s Death

After years of terrorizing and taunting the U.S. military, Osama bin Laden is reportedly dead. Full and complete details have not yet been released. At time of this article release, President Barack Obama is preparing his speech to Americans, as well as, citizens worldwide.