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Mixtape: Wiz Khalifa – ‘Taylor Allderdice’

This could be a prime example of a young star who doesn’t play into what his peers or anyone else is saying…he’s just doing him and that seems to be working out pretty good for Wiz Khalifa. This is his new mixtape titled, ‘Taylor Allderdice’, and it could be one of his most anticipated projects thus far. This mixtape also includes snippets of an interview with MTV’s Rob Markman. From the album’s beginning, it’s apparent that Wiz put some thought into his lyrics which come across nice over mellow and funked out beats.

Wifed Up! Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose Get Engaged

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose recently announced their engagment to be married. The couple have been a hot item for well over a year. Upon sharing the news Amber tweeted, “He has made me the Happiest Woman in the World!!!!”. Fans have been anxiously awaiting the official announcement after Amber revealed to E! News that the two lovebirds did indeed want to get married. Congratulations to Wiz and Amber. Be on the lookout for Wiz’s new mixtape, Taylor Allderdice, soon to drop, which is rumored to feature Amber on one of the songs.

Video: Ke$ha Feat. Wiz Khalifa, Andre 3000, T.I., & Lil Wayne – ‘Sleazy (Remix 2.0)’

Here’s the video to Ke$ha’s ‘Sleazy’ Remix 2.0, which includes some of the game’s top lyricists. The concept of the video is a unique one and makes the song that much more better. We’re sure glad to see Andre 3000 back spitting again, hip hop is definitely alive!

Wiz Khalifa Gets Hit With Lawsuit For ‘Black and Yellow’

Wiz Khalifa, known mostly for his song ‘Black and Yellow’, was recently named in a $2.3 million copyright lawsuit for stealing the hit record. According to Max Warren, whose stage name is Maxamillion, claims that he penned and copyrighted a similiar tune titled, ‘Pink and Yellow’, in 2008. But Khalifa’s ‘Black and Yellow’ was copyrighted in 2011. The copyright infringement suit was filed in federal court in Philadelphia.

Check out Maxamillion’s ‘Pink and Yellow’…