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Album Review : Lee Nova – ‘Enjoy The View’

One word comes to mind upon listening to this album… remarkable. From start to finish, Lee Nova’s latest project ‘Enjoy The View’ is a thorough body of work. There’s a little something for everybody on here and the album’s success comes to no surprise either. When we first featured Nova (formerly known as Young Nova) on HHABC, we went in depth with the youngster for a full-length interview. Even back then, he showed a lot of promise as an emcee and for the most part, we knew that it would be only a matter of time until he flourished into one of the underground’s hottest artists. ‘Enjoy The View’ seems to be a prime example of where Nova’s been and where he’s headed… and with the right team that will be nowhere but the top. Take a listen to Enjoy The View and get a feel for where real hip hop is going.

Enjoy The View!

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Ear To The Street “Young Nova” : Brightest Star In The Sky

Perseverance, Passion, Patience…

There are, indeed, three key elements an individual must possess when pursuing and achieving any level of success. You would soon see actual proof of that theory being true once you first meet Young Nova. After foregoing his brief college career at Niagara University, the young lyricist took his dream of becoming a successful hip hop artist, and relocated to Atlanta. Even after enduring a numerous amount of setbacks and disappointments, the 23 year-old managed to make a name for himself around the city of Atlanta and, as well as, maintain a consistent presence on the internet channels. It is always a remarkable experience when you come across a person this young with an amazing amount of talent and is as equally humble. Read on and learn more, as we caught up with Young Nova for an exclusive interview.

1. First of all, your name, Young Nova, where does that come from?
When I first started taking rap serious I knew I needed a stage name that described me as an artist. I was reading the dictionary one day and stumbled across the world nova which is a very bright star. Eventually it dies out, but I am not planning on doing that anytime soon. And I just so happen to be the biggest star you never heard of.

2. Give us a brief description of the type of vibe that your music brings for its listeners.
It brings them that 90’s feel when lyrics mattered in hip-hop. I also try to let the people know its cool to be yourself whether you’re a straight A student, Ball player, Hood nigga, Single parent or a Average Joe at McDonald’s, its alright to be yourself. My music always gives off a vibe that I love what I’m doing; I put my heart into every verse.

3. As an aspiring artist, what is it that makes you keep going and pushing towards your goals as a hip hop artist?
My city is one of the biggest reasons I will keep pushing and grinding until I succeed in the music game because I want the younger generation to know it’s a way out besides death and the penitentiary. My family is another reason I am push myself, I don’t want to see them struggle anymore.

4. When did you know for sure, music is what you wanted to do with your life?
I wrote my first verse in 1999 but I figured out the game was missing me in like 2006. People in school and around the city use to say I was nice and I got a lot of love in cyphers. That’s when I noticed I was just as good or better then a lot of these new artists out, and decided to go for mines.

5. Where do the ideas and inspirations, that help create your music, come from?
Not to sound cliché but I am inspired by everything, listen to my music and you can hear it. One minute I’m rapping about what makes me stronger as a person and the next minute ill give you a track about being your tour guide when you in my city. I am also inspired by other music genres, I think Coldplay is incredible. I’m also inspired by successful people, I love hearing stories about a person who came from having nothing to gracing the cover of Forbes.

6. What artists did you listen to as a youngster?
A: My first hip-hop albums were Bone Thug’s-n-Harmony’s “Creepin on ah Come Up” and “E. 1999 Eternal.” Me and my little brother (Sammy Montana) talked my mom into buying us the unedited version, so I would be up stairs at the age of 8 in my room saying their rhymes line for line.(Cursing and all).Until my uncle told my mom what parental advisory meant, then she took the albums. I also remember jumping on the bed, listening to Kriss Kross. I thought it was dope that two kids were rapping on TV, and had songs on the radio.

7. Speaking of other artists, who would you name as your top 5 all-time personal favorites…alive or gone?
Ill give you my favorites from 5th to 1st and some reasons why. Number Five is a toss up between Fab and Eminem. Number Four Jr.Writer, when Jr first came out I downloaded every song, feature, freestyle, and mixtape his name was on. He had at least 6 Doo doo face lines(Lines that are so crazy your facial expression is similar to one when you smell shit, yea that ill)in a 16.Number Three is Big he was ahead of his time point blank period. Number Two is Jump off Joe Buddens, people here Joe Buddens name and think “pump it up” but that nigga is one of the dopest story tellers ever and his punchlines are bananas. He said “They don’t even want you in New York you like Penny Nigga.”Epic. Number one would have to be the late great Stack Bundles because he had this aura about him that let you know what he was spitting was genuine, he was witty as hell and metaphors is my favorite part of hip-hop.

8. If you wasn’t doing your music thing right now, what do you think you’d be doing with yourself now?
I’d probably be the head chef at my own 5 star Restaurant. I’m nice in that kitchen. Or maybe an audio engineer because even if I wasn’t an artist I would like to be a part of the recording process still.

9. Do you have any songs or videos available for people to check out?

10. Any upcoming projects or things for us to watch out for?
Yes my debut Mixtape “Gatorade Bath: The Soundtrack fa Champions” will be out real soon. Also look out for iClub in 2011. Shout outs to Sammy Montana, Tha Truth, Markie McFly, and Z.K. The Protégé, Buzy B and Fif Floor (Cav, D.Love, and MonDoe).