Video: Legendary Hip-Hop Writer Elliot Wilson Checks Veteran Rappers Fat Joe, LL Cool J & EVE

Following the release of LL Cool J’s “Ratchet”, Fat Joe’s “Instragram That H*e” and Eve’s most recent “She Bad Bad”, Elliot Wilson confronts the attempt by these three vets and others struggling to connect with a younger audience.

Its about time someone put a concise and well thought out argument as it pertains to this dynamic. This approach not only makes a respectable artist look utterly ridiculous but also compromises their creative integrity.

Now in the case of these three we all know these records are not necessarily terrible records nor does it mean they are about to loose their entire fan base as a result of. What we feel and probably what Mr Wilson is trying to say is that it is necessary to confront the matter and give them a true fans perspective.

We all remember when that “used to be cool” uncle or older cousin tried to relate with us as teens but missed the mark and made us question just how cool they were to begin with.

Unfortunately for these three vets and many others the challenge of maturing with your fans, finding ways to connect the new is no easy task and probably impossible in some cases but it is definitely necessary, Just ask Eminem and Jay Z.

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