What Happened To The Female MC?

A few weeks ago a fairly unknown Angel Haze took the bold leap and addressed a sexually abusive relationship that began at the age of 7. On her now infamous cover to Eminem’s “Cleaning Out My Closet”, the femcee gave a detailed recount of the abuse.

This song comes at a time when mainstream hip-hop has completely shut its doors to what is real or true to hip-hop culture in exchange for profit. Record labels have bills and large corporations to run so we fully understand they can only be committed to their bottom lines.

For Angel Haze “Cleaning Out My Closet” serves as a testament to whats true to hip-hop since the beginning. This song alone earns her worthy recognition considering the risks associated with not marketing sex appeal as opposed to her rappin skills.

The New York bred MC, half native American and outspoken lyricist has managed to create some well deserved attention following the release of her latest 6 track EP “Classik”.

As the only female in her part of the BET cypher featuring a predominantly male cast, Angel Haze stood toe to toe with some of today’s top gunners and Killed it.

We have seen some of the best female MC’s go unnoticed simply because they would rather be respected for their skills and MC capabilities.

So is Angel Haze next? She could be and besides its simple hip-hop is and will always be about the underdog, the one that overcomes the extreme, takes the risks and bares all for your entertainment.

True Hip-Hop fans will always be infatuated with the characters who overcome adversity to become our most celebrated heroes.

The challenge has always been there for the females but it takes a special breed of femcee to earn the respect of fellow male MC’s. They a lot of times have to endure or overcome many huddles and take significant risk’s just like their male counterparts if not more.

Here in the college of @hiphopabc we set out not only to entertain but to also remind our readers that Hip-Hop is a culture that resonates hope particularly to the youth. The recurring message that you can make it out of any situation and become all you want to be.

We all remember a time when female MC’s like Queen Latifah and MC Lyte were able to put across a message as opposed to selling their sexuality and we still to this day appreciate the work they put out.

Heck even during that time female MC’s were more united, what happened to songs like “Ladies Night”, “I wanna be down (remix)”?

Unfortunately since the mid to late 90’s, female MC’s have been pigeon holed into either caving in to the sexual standard or taking the high road and struggling to keep a career afloat.

There is nothing wrong with this approach to getting a message across but what about that female MC that wants to be respected for her skills and not her looks?

In the case of Angel Haze, she has decided to take it a step further and open a new dynamic by addressing taboo issues as well as put her career on the line in order to do so.

With a total of four releases King, Voice, Reservation and the now infamous Classick, we might be looking at one of tomorrows most promising stars.

Hopefully females within hip-hop community can begin to rally behind each other as opposed to attacking one another and complaining about how unfair the game is towards them.

If anything the male MC’s have been their biggest supporters, to date their are very few female MC’s who cant attest their success to being affiliated with a male confidant.

Ladies you can do it, just ask Queen Latifah, MC lyte and Missy? One day maybe we can say the same about the likes of Angel Haze, Jean Grae and a few others we have featured over the years!

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