Will Rapsody Lead the Resurgence of the Female MC?

The art of rap is coming back to the forefront and only the true emcees will be considered as honorable mentions. So when we look further into the essence of hip hop, female rappers have played a significant part in the game at one point in time, but somehow things began to become monotonous and we were introduced to a vast stable of female wannabe rappers who ended up being nothing but terrible knock-off versions of Lil Kim. But let’s not get it twisted though, even female rappers weren’t the only ones who fell servant to the mighty dollar and gave up quality music for a quick buck. Hip hop quickly turned into financially lucrative dream come true for ALL hip hop artists who were fortunate to build an internet presence or know the right person in the right place at the right time!

The Rebirth of Lauryn Hill
North Carolina-bred female rapper, Rapsody has struck a nerve in the realm of hip hop and not only should the lady emcees be weary of her, but EVERYONE in the game needs to take notice. Coming up under the wing of fellow North Carolina native and highly-favored producer 9th Wonder, Rapsody is clearly in a category by herself. We haven’t seen this level of talent from a female artist since Lauryn Hill was running the game. We don’t even feel the need to explain why, because the music speaks for itself… loud and clear! Keep your eyes and ears open for the next big thing in hip hop.

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